Mr. Mac, as he is fondly known by students, shares the heart of Berean Academy. Berean is not just bricks and mortar, but a place where genuine faith in Christ is lived and modeled. It is a place where the faculty and staff integrate excellence in teaching with a Christ-centered education. Because of this, students enter the world equipped with not only knowledge, but wisdom to live out their faith.


It is the ultimate purpose at Berean Academy to recognize the authoritative centrality of the Scripture and to instill a biblical worldview in the hearts and minds of our students.The FEG helps provide tuition assistance to families who have entrusted us to nurture the spiritual and educational growth of their children. Families who apply and qualify receive grants equaling up to 55% of their tuition costs. Our Multiple-Student Discount is also funded through this program. Therefore, all families who have more than one student attending Berean receive assistance. This year alone, over 60% of our families benefited from these funds!


Because Berean is not state-funded, your donation to the FEG fund is vital to the ongoing mission and ministry of Berean Academy. Without your help, many of our families could not afford the tuition cost to attend. Please consider giving a gift that helps our students grow as scholars, disciples, and citizens in Christ.

Mike Hoover - Berean Board Secretary



The Burnham family serve as missionaries in Papua, New Guinea and are back on furlough for the 2019-2020 school year. They have been blessed, like many families, to send their children to Berean because of the generous gifts of donors to the Family Education Grant. Without donors, Berean Academy would not be an option for many families.


We want all families who desire a Christian education for their children, to be able to attend Berean. Will you be a part of helping this happen?


You can give by credit card using the Donate button provided or by mailing a check to Berean Academy, PO Box 70, Elbing KS 67041. Berean is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; therefore, all gifts are tax deductible. In addition, distributions from IRAs are non-taxed if made directly to Berean. A gift of any size will be greatly appreciated and will be an encouragement to the ministry of Berean Academy.



Dean Merrill is the author of 10 books and the co-author of 40 others.

His solo titles include Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Church: Finding a Better Way to Influence Our Culture (Zondervan) and Damage Control: How to Stop Making Jesus Look Bad (Baker). He was the general editor of Tyndale House’s highly successful Every Man’s Bible.


His book collaborations have included titles with such varied voices as:

  • Compassion International president Dr. Wess Stafford

  • Hobby Lobby founder David Green

  • Philippine missionary survivor Gracia Burnham (New York Times bestseller)

  • “Black Hawk Down” hero Captain Jeff Struecker

  • Brooklyn Tabernacle pastor Jim Cymbala (Christian Book of the Year, also a Gold Medallion)


Merrill is a high school graduate of Berean Academy. His further education includes a bachelor of theology degree from Chicago Bible College and a master of arts degree in journalism from Syracuse University. He and his wife live in Colorado Springs; they have three married children.

Isaiah 25:1

Oh Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you; I will praise your name, for you have done wonderful things, plans formed of old, faithful and sure.



The excitement is mounting as construction progresses for the much-anticipated and much-NEEDED new building additions at Berean Academy! As with many projects, we have had some unforeseen setbacks. We are trusting the Lord for the remainder of the funds.


As we eagerly anticipate celebrating Berean Academy’s 75th anniversary next year, we have been reflecting on a number of occasions in the Old Testament when the LORD told the Israelites to build an altar of remembrance with stones, tangible reminders of the Lord’s provision through difficulty His miraculous intervention on their behalf. These stones would be a teaching opportunity so that the older generation would, “not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.” (Deuteronomy 4:9) Berean Academy has been blessed with a long-standing and unique spiritual heritage that was born from dedication and sacrifice by men and women with a vision for quality Christian education, and because of an abundance of provision from the Almighty God. The founders invested passionate prayer and effort to make this vision a reality. This commitment to Scripture and the pursuit of excellence in all areas of life, along with dedicated faculty and staff continue to set Berean Academy apart. Please enjoy a short preview of reflections from some of Berean’s key prayer warriors and staff as we look forward to next year’s 75th anniversary!



Mrs. Beverly Lister is being honored for 35 years of service to Berean Academy. In her first year at Berean there were 14 students enrolled in the senior high band. In the time that Mrs. Lister has been here, the band program has grown tremendously, and is one of the top five distinctives of our school as identified by our staff when surveyed. Mrs. Lister has proven herself to be a master teacher in music education. She serves as our instrumental instructor for grades 5-12 and teaches guitar to a class of junior-high students as well. Professionally, she is respected state-wide as a music educator and is actively involved in KMEA. She has served as a judicator at numerous music contests and festivals.


Even though she is not in a traditional academic classroom setting, she has helped her students understand the importance of pursuing excellence in all that they do. Her students would tell you that she is a very demanding “task master” and that band is not a “pud” class. Believing that music is a life-long skill, Mrs. Lister has helped her students to enjoy developing their appreciation and love for music.


Our Fine Arts trophy case reveals the success of her work with her students. Our instrumental program is second to none, having earned top awards with large and small groups through the years of her tenure. She also directs our Pep Band, which has been called the best Pep Band in the state by many who have heard the students play at our basketball games.


As is true of any of our teachers, Mrs. Lister is more than an educator, she is a servant-leader who is committed to serving her Lord and Savior by serving others via the ministry of Christian education.


Mrs. Lister, thank you for your dedication to ministry and excellence these past thirty-five years.



Mrs. Arleta Wiebe has served students primarily in the area of Language Arts in her 25 years at Berean. She also serves as our curriculum director and Senior Play sponsor. She has a great sense of humor and is very creative artistically. She is the go-to person for creating our school theme posters, etc. She is also sought after by the juniors and seniors at banquet time for her artistic abilities. Her students enjoy her creative ability with technology as well. Mrs. Wiebe, thank you for your dedication and commitment to the ministry of Christian education at Berean Academy for the past twenty-five years.



Mr. Russel Busenitz is being recognized for 20 years of service. He taught sixth grade for the first fifteen years and has taught Math at the junior high level the past five years. He also serves as our senior high head soccer coach and as an assistant coach for junior high basketball and track. Thank you, Mr. Busenitz, for your twenty years of ministry to our students and their families.



Mrs. Nita Newby has served faithfully as the teacher of fourth grade for the past 20 years. She is very diligent and conscientious about all she does and is always well-prepared for class. Even though she is quiet and reserved, she runs a very structured classroom conducive for learning. Thank you, Mrs. Newby, for your ministry to students and families these past twenty years.



Mrs. Staci Landis has served in our elementary program for 10 years. She is a very positive and encouraging teacher and relates very well to her students and parents. Her love for teaching and her students is evident in the classroom every day. Thank you, Mrs. Landis, for your ten years of ministry to our students and their families.



Mrs. Robyn Stucky has served as our Admissions Director for the past 10 years. She is the first point of contact with Berean for new students and their families, and spends many hours helping new families learn the ropes of Berean Academy. Thank you, Mrs. Stucky, for your ten years of pursuing students to attend Berean.


Every year, we recognize those who have invested in Berean Academy for significant periods of time. Working at Berean is far from just a job; each teacher and staff member know they are part of shaping the next generation of Christian men and women. We are deeply grateful for each of these honorees and their tireless effort for the Kingdom of God.


Much has changed in the past two months and we have greatly modified our way of life, but the Lord is at work in the lives of students, teachers and staff at Berean Academy! His hand can be seen in the unified efforts of families at Berean embracing the change in schooling, the teachers who have worked tirelessly to integrate technology into everything they do, the continued progress of our building campaign, and many other things. We praise the Lord for his many blessings over the past, almost 75 years, and we are confident he will carry us through these present trials, as we fix our eyes on Christ. 

Dr. Tad Nuce - Head of School



The ministry of Berean Academy could not be accomplished without the student body. It is our privilege to recognize our alumni from the classes of 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010. We are also highlighting the state championship teams during these decade years. Every class and every extracurricular activity at Berean represent the impact on lives because of the ministry of Berean for almost 75 years. The doxology sung at the end of each Praise and Celebration Banquet has become a tradition and expresses it best, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"


Mrs. Chris Flora & Mrs. Jennifer Harder


Mr. Derek Lowrey of Lowrey Video Production

Mr. Dallas Sweazy

Mr. Isaiah Eldridge of Eldridge Films